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Operating principles

The PALM A LA DEMANDE routes are based on detailed itineraries and timetables.
These buses replace the regular PALM BUS routes or complete them at certain times during the day or during certain periods (school holidays, Saturdays). PALM À LA DEMANDE service is activated exclusively by booking.

To use PALM A LA DEMANDE, you must:

  • Subscribe to the PAD service.
  • Have a pre-paid pass (10-ticket book, passes) for your journey.

How do I subscribe?

If you live in the Mougins area, call the N0. VERT (green number) 0800 508 305 (voice server) and press 9 on your keyboard to be connected to a PALM BUS advisor. The advisor will explain all subscription procedures and give you information on the routes, timetables and itineraries.

How do I book my journey?

Consult the timetable for the PALM A LA DEMANDE route that interests you.
Identify your stop, your destination and times.
Call the voice server on No. VERT (green number) 0800 508 305 and you will be guided.